After the decision between moving to San Diego or Sarasota, we landed in Florida winter 2004, with our big fat money sucking boat that we thought we would live aboard, another crazy idea of ours!

After 40 years of cement skies in West Michigan, {I still love West Michigan} it was time to see what it would be like to have the sun shine almost every single day, eat crab cakes & key lime pie, while sinking our toes in the crystal white sand, that was our mission. Now that we have been here for almost 10 years, I wished I would have chosen San Diego, I once even wanted to return my brand new car after I signed the papers & drove it off the lot, I always change my mind after a major decision, that’s just how I roll.

The beaches here in Sarasota are amazing along with the wildlife & nature, the heat is just unbearable for a Michigan girl, summer seems to be never ending. Where are my seasons? I can only decorate & cook to fill the void, which is the most difficult part, along with missing the family & friends back home. Thank goodness for my better half, Johnny, the fids, {feathered kids} & social networking, that helps keep me sane. I love to follow blogs, Stumbleupon, Instagram, Pintrest, Yelp, Twitter, FB, My Space, Avian Avenue, etc.  Yes I am in need social network rehab.

My passions are trying new cafés and local restaurants, writing reviews, cooking, photography, anything with feathers, keeping our earth clean & my life in order while trying to live a healthy lifestyle, although I hate to work out, (sweat) it’s just so much hard work, thank goodness for the good genes.

Since I love to blog, I thought I might as well have my own……I may take you on a early morning farmers market run, show you the beaches @ sunrise or sunset, the birds in the back yard or what’s for dinner, maybe even a trip to the mitten state, I hope you enjoy.