Ten Years Later

{My Junkers}

On our way home from Phil’s Bar & Grill in Saugatuck Michigan, my favorite place for dinner on the lake shore,  via the Westshore Mall in Holland, he stopped and said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back”! It was cold, windy and raining and didn’t care if I got out of the truck, even if it was a shopping mall! Thirty minutes later, we arrived at my house, he couldn’t wait to get down on one knee fumble around a shiny silver cubic zirconia that he picked out from Clair’s Boutique. With a smirk & cracking voice he ask me if I would marry him, he also said just in case you don’t like this ring, here is another one, that he pulled out of his other pocket, guess he knows I’m particular!

I wore the two rings everyday just like a proud peacock!  Pretty sure he was embarrassed that someone might think he was cheep, two months later for Christmas I was given a real diamond set in a gold band that we had made by a fabulous jewelry designer.  I wanted the two jet skis or snowmobiles he offered instead of the ring although with 3 months of summer and not much snow sometimes in the Mitten, I chose the ring.  That was 10 years ago and even though we never married, I’m just shackin’ up and living the dream! You would think I learned something from Dr. Laura! I still remember just like it was yesterday.  Just thought I’d share. 😉

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