Work Husband’s Leaving

Who killed Tiger Woods?
The Suspects…..Jesper Parneviz (Dizz) Elin Nordegren Woods (Princess) Josefin Nordegren (Jules) Phil Mickelson (TB) Fluff Cowan (TC) & Steve Williams (Prancer).

Six years ago this week I started the best job anyone could EVER have, Golf Shop Buyer/Merchandiser Manager.  First off, I work in paradise, second I purchase cute & fashionable clothing with other peoples (members) money, this is a recovering shopaholic’s dream come true!

I’ve always been kind of the “Shop Mom” meaning taking care of the boyz that come & go either as Assistant Golf Professionals or Interns in the PGM Program, I love them all dearly and truly miss them when they leave to finish school, teach, or move up in the professional golf world.  Someone needs to keep these guys in line, telling them if they look silly in a shirt, their pants are too tight or their hats make them look ridculous, or just telling them what shoes to wear with what belt and don’t forget to WEAR YOUR SPF (they don’t always listen)!!   Who better to do that…..ME!!  Lord knows I have an opinion about everything, especially fashion!

I didn’t pick the ties! ;D
Jules, Prancer, TB, TC & Dizz

Let me tell you a little about Kelly, aka Dizz.  Everyone gets a nickname if they work with me at some point, some names make sense & some have no meaning at all.  Dizz is not an assistant, he is our Head Golf Professional.  When I started working with Dizz he was the First Assistant, single, of course younger, brew master, knows every venue that good bands play at, he was never getting married, never having kids, never giving up his sports cars or protein shakes, and the SPEED channel etc.   It seems I have watched him go from all of that to Head Golf Professional, married, baby one, baby two, family sedan, Disney Channel & coffee drinking to get him going in the morning because he was up all night with the screaming baby, reciting Dr. Seuss books over & over .  My, my how things change.  Now Kelly has accepted a position (hopefully soon to be Director of Golf) at a wonderful club in Virginia that he came from as an assistant before his position now.  We will miss him & his beautiful wife Christy along with Tyler & Alexa.  Thank goodness we have Facebook & Skype so I can keep in touch & watch the kids grow up.   We will miss you K Dizz, good luck on your new venture, your a great asset where ever you choose to go & this time…..they got the better deal now!

Your work wife. ;D

Christy & Kelly May 2007

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  1. Anna Bondi says:

    Best wishes to Kelly and his family. I enjoyed working with him while working at The Oaks. 🙂

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