Flavour Junkie

I am infatuated with flavors, I can’t wait to have something that makes my taste buds dance.  I’m obsessed with fish sauce, citrus, garlic, ginger, mango, cilantro, basil, balsamic vinegar, gorgonzola cheese & bold full bodied wines, just to name a few!

I love cooking Vietnamese, Thai, Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean & the list is never ending.  My week starts on Saturday morning, hitting the farmers market to get fresh seafood, herbs, freshly roasted coffee & veggies. Then I immediately start thinking of where to stop for lunch & what I can make for dinner.

I should weight 250 pounds for all the food I daydream about, thank goodness I don’t care for sweets & I try to omit or just cut back on a lot of white foods.  I rarely follow a recipe & I don’t measure anything precisely, it all just mingles together perfect for me.

When I’m cooking, I may read 4 different recipes & combine them to adapt to what’s in the pantry, I’m not big on following rules.  If you can read, you can be a excellent cook!

Bon Appetit!

2 Responses to Flavour Junkie

  1. Phil Alvarez says:

    Really like the simplicity and balance to your recipes, presentations are great also. I’m finishing second career in aerospace business after retiring from military and am picking up the wooden spoon in a couple years to attend CIA in California. Having been a ship driver for 27 years I, too, thought about the boat gig. I determined it would be like the exercise machine you get at Christmas that gathers dust for a decade.
    I’m interested in finding out if you have a Nassau Grits recipe to compare to my super secret one to (happy to send mine to you), as there are so few out there to learn from.
    Phil (currently a Pensacola expat in Tucson)

    • Jules says:

      Thank you Phil! Awesome 27 years on a ship! Boat gigs are overrated for sure, ours was! 😉 I do make Nassau Grits, I will blog it soon…. Thank you again.

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