Feathered Friends

~Little Bird aka Orange Bird~ Baby Diddy~ Biggie~

Another obsession of mine, anything breathing with wings, I’m not quite sure how a once cat lover turned into a crazy bird lady, but it happened! Wild birds, webcam birds, rehab birds, rescue birds, I’m in love with them all.

I currently obey my three parrots that let me live in their home!  I never in my life thought I would have three insane toddlers FOREVER!  The fids (kids with feathers) are your normal toddlers, jibber jabbering full sentences, (and screaming) most the day.  They ruin every toy you buy them, every garment you own, pull keys of your computer, they’re fussy eaters, only to walk on the table & pick through your dinner plate, sit on your lap & just annoy you for the most part!  Did I mention, if you ignore them they nip the smallest piece of skin under your arm or inside your thigh, & poop all over you, and I still love them all!

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