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Perfect Iced Coffee

I’m sharing the best tasting, easiest iced coffee recipe ever, since I’m way too frugal (yes, I’m a cheep ass, I won’t pay $4 for a coffee) to run down to the local barista for a cuppa’ Joe or  too … Continue reading

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Raw Kale Cocktail and Savory Kale Chips

What the Kale’s going on here?  Yes, it’s green goodness overload! I’m getting all my nutrients in a little jigger, and some crunchy snacks, that’s just what the doctor ordered.  I’ve had a annoying sinus infection for a month now, I’ve tried … Continue reading

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Kentucky Derby Mango Mint Boba

Since I don’t wear frilly hats, follow horse racing or drink Kentucky bourbon, I felt compelled to make a yummy drink with mint to celebrate the almost two minute run for the roses.  It’s in the steamy 80’s and cold fruity … Continue reading

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