Bucket List


This is my so called Bucket List that is in no particular order.  I’m sure I’ll add to it on occasion, and hopefully cross things off!  I might even call it my tea cup list just because I’m pretty content with my life & had to struggle to make the “list”.  I have been truly blessed & very fortunate not to “want” a lot, although I wish I could have a repeat list because there are several things that I would like to “re-do”, that will be my next task. ;D

1. Visit every Major League Baseball stadium

2. Have a food truck

3. Run a full marathon

4. Lift the Stanley Cup

5. Play golf with a LPGA and PGA tour player

6. Build a outside bird aviary

7. Live on a farm again

8. Attend MLB All Star Game with Dewey

9. Watch a real Thai street food vendor in Thailand

10. Speak a couple languages, maybe French &  Swedish.

11. Visit Vancouver Canada

12. Live in Austin Texas

13. Ski Lake Tahoe

14. Eat real Wasabi

15. Stay in Quebec City at Christmas time.

16. Finish Cigar Box Purses

17. Visit Spain with Kathia

18. Let my hair be natural again

19. Pick coffee beans in Costa Rica

20. Make Mozzarella Cheese

21. Own a Bistro

22. Sing distant harmony with Aimee

23. Have dinner with Wolfgang Puck

24. Live in Colorado

25. Visit Cuba

26. Cook with Chef Jose Andres

27. Hold a Bald Eagle

28. Have an Alpaca

29. Go to the NFL Pro Bowl Game

30. Play golf with Terry Bradshaw

31. Attend The Winter Olympics

32. Wine tasting in Spain

33. Read the Bible

34. Learn my camera better

35. Mush a dog sled

36. Learn to live now

37. Own a coffee shop

38. Don’t feel guilty

39. Have a continually clean closet

40. Have a pixie cut

41. Have Italian & Spanish style decor

42. Have a pasture with a heard of longhorns

43. Start a non-for profit

44. Volunteer at a bird or wildlife rescue

45. Have more discipline

46. Give John a H1 Wagon

47. Have a cat & dog

48. Work @ MAC

49. Wait Tables

50. Be a better person






3 Responses to Bucket List

  1. Aim'ee Dawn says:

    Well Mudda,
    I’m glad that you posted this. It’s funny how many things we both have in common.
    You pick a song and we’ll sing….
    And you’ve given me plenty of gift ideas. And a lot of vacations for Maca Sun to join us on, so I think I can help you with some of these 🙂
    I love you.

    • Julia says:

      Thank you Aimee! I’m sure we even have more in common that we don’t even know about! I want to go on vacation with you too. I love you & can’t wait until we can do that sometime, soon I hope!

  2. Aim'ee Dawn says:


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