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Thai Sweet & Sour Shrimp

This recipe was inspired by needing to use up some cucumbers and tomatoes, it seems you always have some type of a go-to pasta or salad dish you make with them.  We had just been to our local Thai restaurant … Continue reading

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Grilled Chili Lime Nectarine Salad

Summer is in full scorching mode in the sub tropical south, it’s almost too hot to fire up the grill or wok!  My appetite always seems to change in the summer months, usually craving something lighter, cooler and fruity. Lately, … Continue reading

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Organic Cacao Date Energy Bites

These wonderful little bite size snacks are so simple to make! They are healthy and all natural, so there is not all the guilt after you devour a handful, they curb my sweet tooth, and seem just perfect when you … Continue reading

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Oatmeal Banana Bites

These little healthy scrumptious bites are the easiest way to use up the last banana that everyone left for someone else.  It was inspired from a recipe that I had pinned on Pinterest called 2 Ingredient Cookies by Recipe By Photo.  I had … Continue reading

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Spicy Cheesy Organic Kale Chips

Kale chips are by far my favorite snack food without guilt.  There’s something about sweet, spicy & smokey that makes me very happy.  I’ve made several kinds of kale chips, from plain with sea salt, Himalayan salt or spicy cayenne pepper and even lemon, … Continue reading

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Sweet & Salty Pumpkin Seeds

The big decision to put the pumpkin seeds in the new compost or bake them. When in doubt, I always make something to eat! 😉  There is nothing better than sweet & salty mingling together, this is a quick simple recipe … Continue reading

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How to Compost with No Smells or Pest!

After researching many compost barrels, boxes, stalls, spinners and reading reviews on natural disasters that could happen if you didn’t stir, soak or feed well!  I decided to combine a couple ideas into this awesome compost that sits just outside … Continue reading

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Ten Years Later

{My Junkers} On our way home from Phil’s Bar & Grill in Saugatuck Michigan, my favorite place for dinner on the lake shore,  via the Westshore Mall in Holland, he stopped and said, “Wait here, I’ll be right back”! It … Continue reading

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Spicy Avocado Cucumber Soup

When given a basket of Florida Avocados, you need to get creative to use them up quickly.  Cubed then sauteed, sliced on BLT’s, mashed for guacamole, chopped in ceviche the list is endless!  Spicy cold soup is something perfect for summer, … Continue reading

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Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean Vanilla Ice Cream

This recipe started just as chocolate covered coffee beans, then it turned into ice cream, imagine that, me not totally focused.  You must have patients to drop the beans one by one onto the lined cookie sheet, I thought I would never … Continue reading

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