Coping and Living with Rosacea

Several years ago I started noticing my face flushing while I was cooking in the kitchen, it would be warm over the stove while I was enjoying a glass of red wine cooking up something delectable for dinner.  I didn’t have any idea why my face would get so warm and eventually it would start to sting. By the time dinner was ready, my face would be burning hot and I needed to stand by the freezer with the door open with my head inside to stop the burning sensation.  After laying by the pool most afternoons {wearing 30+ sunscreen} swimming and enjoying the warm Florida sun, this was only adding to the problem that I didn’t even know existed.

We purchased a new home maybe a year later, after moving in, my face immediately started breaking out even more with little blemishes {STRESS of a new homeowner} that were extremely painful.  I then decided to go to a dermatologist looking for answers to my new adult acne that the doctor thought I had.  After several visits and different medications, oral and topical, nothing seemed to be working. These blemishes were so  painful, my face would bleed when I washed it!  One of my girlfriends Jennifer, whom is extremely knowledgeable about skin care and worked at Bellissima Medi Spa, she had told me just by explaining my symptoms that it sounded like I had rosacea!  I’m not sure why my dermatologist couldn’t figure that out after three visits!  Jennifer suggested I book an appointment for laser genesis at the medi-spa with Lisa Leston, this was going to help reduce the red capillaries that were so close to the skin that seemed to be my flushing problem. It was a painless process that lasted about twenty minutes and diminished almost all the red capillaries after about four visits.  After reading about rosacea causes and treatment and finding there is no cure, you can only avoid things that trigger it, now  was the time to change my lifestyle to control this painful chronic long term disorder.

Topping the list of triggers of rosacea happened to be everything I love and live for, high histamine foods! Almost all foods that I crave and enjoy cooking with such as gorgonzola & blue cheese, red wine, balsamic vinegar, fish sauce, soy sauce, spicy peppers, hot sauce, these all of these needed to be taken off my list of loves because they were HIGH HISTAMINE, AGED or SPICY foods that make my rosacea flair up within minutes of consuming them.  STRESS, SUN, HEAT and STRENUOUS  exercise also top the list.  These all are a list of things that trigger for me, and may not bother other people, caffeine does not seem to bother me, than God!

iJules Rosacea

This photo {today} is upon healing after about a week after indulging with a combination of jalapeno peppers on salad {I crave these foods and know the outcome} plus working in the garden at 87 degrees outside for four days straight and possibly liquid aminos used in teriyaki for stir fry.  These little blemishes don’t look too bad, especially when I put on a tinted moisturizer, although they prick like needles, burn and bleed when you wash your face, then the skin peels after they are almost healed, until the next outbreak appears.

When I think back, all of these things were contributing to my blemishes and flair ups.  A cup of HOT coffee or green tea and HEAT from the blow dryer before heading to work, by the time I arrived at work, my face was on fire.  I now have iced coffee or tea and haven’t use a blow dryer for the last three years.  I now always park my car in the shade, if it’s 120 degrees inside it my face will flush for a couple of hours and maybe break out as an added bonus.  {no SUNroof open}  If I eat a salad with blue cheese and balsamic vinegar, {my favorite} by the end of the day my face would sting and have painful pricks {make you cry} through out it! Red wine would do the same, I cut out red wine and now drink chilled chardonnay only and noticed that Australian chardonnay’s tend to make me flair up, too bad, they are usually reasonably priced ones!  😉  I tried a raw, and vegetarian diet, a few times over the last four years, it did not appeal to my taste buds what so ever! I had energy, although I ended up with digestive and nutrient disorders after a long series of blood work and a gastrologist.  I unfortunately think of food 24/7 and flavors that enhance other flavors, so just by watching what I consume, I have much better control of this disorder.   I don’t lay in the SUN ever!  I wear a hat almost always in the sun and SPF 30 on my face daily for the last ten years. I try not to stress out over any situation, that may me the hardest to control.

I’ve linked a list from the National Rosacea Society  of factors that may trigger rosacea these have been very helpful to myself.  I hope some of these helpful hints help just one person struggling, coping and living with rosacea! I have also discovered within the last month, applying  essential tea tree oil for soothing and calming feeling, has helped more than any creams, lotions etc. that I have ever tried, it’s also a natural, and a very powerful immune stimulant, helping to fight infections and promote clear skin.


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