How to Compost with No Smells or Pest!

After researching many compost barrels, boxes, stalls, spinners and reading reviews on natural disasters that could happen if you didn’t stir, soak or feed well!  I decided to combine a couple ideas into this awesome compost that sits just outside the garage with easy access to add raw kitchen waist every couple days.  I keep a 3.5 plastic tub next to the sink to scrape seeds, cores, and any waste that is raw. Remember no dairy, meat or cooked food.

The layering idea came from Sustainable America there are several how to compost, I used the layering system How to compost in your apartment, even though I live in a house.  I thought this idea of, No Smells, No Pest would be good for us because we have raccoon’s & critters that lurk around at night with neighbors in our side yard.

This is all I needed to start the compost:

Approximate cost $24.00 {worms & container} Walmart

  • 1 Sterilite 29 gallon Stacker Tote with locking lid
  • 1 section of newspaper shredded, soaked in tap water
  • 120 Red Worms
  • Ransom kitchen raw waste {egg shells, celery, squash seeds, onion, apple cores}
  • Drill

I drilled nine holes in the bottom of the container for drainage and air flow.

I lined the bottom of the container with strips of wet newspaper.

I love these little guys.

I added 120 red worms {this is my favorite part of the compost} they looked slightly under weight. 😉

Some raw kitchen scraps to start the compost.

I have grass clippings drying in the garage, the grass was damp so when it dried out I added a layer to the top of the waste and mixed it in a bit.

Yes, this is pretty discussing! Every four days or so I have a small rake that I fluff the compost and take a peek at the now obese vegan worms!

I drilled nine holes in the locking lid for air flow and cooling down with rain fall.  It’s rained only once and the rain actually drizzles into the holes.  I haven’t added any water and it’s been two weeks.  The temperature has been in the upper 80’s I may have to adjust something when the mid 90’s come back next summer.  I think if it starts to look dry I might take the lid off and mist it with the hose.

This was pretty exciting to see, the wad of imported Hudsonville, Michigan Acorn Squash seeds germinated {by accident} they are now planted in two pots.  I’m also adding brown paper bags shredded without ink if I think it may be too damp.  I can’t wait to see what happens in the next few months, and for the compost to actually be used in the garden, it’s breaking down quickly in two weeks!  I’ll be sure to update on this post! 😉

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