Wildlife Rescue ~ Another Passion

It’s been a couple of busy months since my first wildlife rescue class, then straight to full fledged grabbing pelicans by the beaks, running like a gazelle netting turkey vultures, snaring sandhill cranes with a open reel fishing pole and thin rope tempting them with 2 inch meal worms, not to mention transporting every type of bird, coon, rat or bat imaginable in my car or truck!  It has interfered with my cooking and blogging, although it’s been much more rewarding, not to mention a new fitness & weight loss program that has evolved from my new obsession! Sometimes you don’t eat all day, maybe a hand full of almonds & raisins chasing it with water because there are too many critters needing rescue so you sweat off the pounds running around in the scorching  Florida sun.  I just need to figure out how to do it full time! 😉

Someday’s can be rather heart wrenching when we loose one of our precious God given creatures.  You just need to think of a rescue that you know is going to have a full rehabilitation and a successful release.  I can’t even imagine what the technicians go through, working long stressful hours and it’s all for the love of the wildlife, meaning no pay, they are all amazing people, all the volunteers too!  I do have to admit, catching pelicans has to be my favorite things to do, minus the fishy hands & peli-poo smell in the truck.  Turkey and black vultures will give you a run for your money, they run like rabbits even with broken wings! Transporting from emergency vet to the wildlife center or vice-versa is something that I can fit in after work almost everyday, it’s always interesting to hear some wild critter chatter in the car on the way home, it reminds me of the kids being little in the back seat again, except I don’t have to threaten them with the, “I’m gonna pull the car over in a minute if you don’t knock it off!”

It seems hard sometimes to balance between work, cooking/blogging, wildlife rescue and everyday lifestyle, hopefully it’s just going to be perfect harmony as is!  I have met some amazing people that have given me a new outlook on life and how important the wildlife is to our beautiful environment, every critter counts.

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