Perfect Iced Coffee

I’m sharing the best tasting, easiest iced coffee recipe ever, since I’m way too frugal (yes, I’m a cheep ass, I won’t pay $4 for a coffee) to run down to the local barista for a cuppa’ Joe or  too embarrassed to stand in line & make people wait while I quietly recite my high maintenance java drink such as, “I’ll have ahhh….. Venti, two Pump, three shot, extra skinny soy, no foam, no whip, iced, light caramel drizzle, Caramel Machiatto (pronounced mah-kee-YAH-toe) and can you use French roast coffee with that, please?”  I have read several blogs stating they have simple ways of making iced coffee, some running the water and grounds through a sieve, some using cheese cloth, funnels & other random cooking utensils.

It’s the end of October and still in the 80’s so Iced coffee is still in our vocabulary…..

All you need to brew your coffee is  a tea kettle to heat the water, espresso ground coffee (you can grind your own dark roast beans) and a French press.  You can make your coffee straight up or add cream and spices  and sprinkles to your liking.

I like to use Cafe Bustelo espresso grind, if I’m not grinding my own beans (dark roast). It works well in the French Press & makes a smooth not bitter cup of coffee.

I use 4 HEAPING scoops of grounds, you want it strong so when you pour the coffee over the ice it’s not weak. And just in case your wondering, I’m wearing OPI Plugged-In Plum nail polish, a fall favorite! 😉

Hot water steaming & ready to pour over espresso grounds.

Pour the hot water into the French press filling it to the bottom of the silver rim.

I give it a couple stirs with a wooden spoon because sometimes the dry coffee will rise to to top and not brew.

I let the coffee brew for 4 minutes before I press the coffee.

After you press the filter through the espresso grounds it’s ready to pour over a full glass of ice.

The hot coffee will melt the ice and dilute it just enough for a prefect iced coffee.  If you have leftover coffee keep it in the refrigerator and add just a little water with the ice so it’s not too strong,  this is all done by personal preference.  One pressed pot last a couple days, I love not making coffee everyday because it’s in the fridge ready to go! It still taste fresh too. 🙂

You can add your favorite cream, this season I have already been through pumpkin spice, peppermint mocha, and now on to gingerbread latte.  When the cute little creamers are not available and I have a craving I just use hazelnut or vanilla and add my own sprinkles of ginger, cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, nutmeg, peppermint or vanilla extract depending what I’m craving at the moment. You can create any season of your own special coffee for just a couple of cents.

Kahlua or Bailey’s Irish Cream works well too!



Dégustez votre café!

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