Two Weddings, Three Receptions, One Summer

Now that it’s the first day of fall I thought I better get blogging on the fantastic summer events that took place!  This post could go on forever, I thought I’d skip right to the wedding photos…… of course after a couple of courting & engagement.

Above is my son Dewey John, along with his lovely bride to be Ashley Jo (don’t ya know)!  This is a classic favorite photo of mine, the “look” is just priceless!  I believe this is early winter 2007.

Spring Break Siesta Key Vacation 2010 proposal eve day. 😉

{Boom} Ashley’s on cloud 9….. How’s that for getting right to the wedding photos?!

I literally took over a thousand photos of the weddings & receptions.  I did steal a couple from Ashley though….. 😉

Dewey, Adlee & Ashley.  I ain’t gonna lie, they are a beautiful family!

They were married on June 10, 2011 at Stonewater Country Club in Caledonia, Michigan.

Adlee, “Say Cheese!”  Ashley’s gown was just breathtaking,  although she could make yoga pants look designer!

Yes, Adlee thought it was {her} photo shoot…..

{Bride & Groom}



My daughter, aka Auntie Aimee & Adlee.



{Michigan Spring}







{Fab Hair}



{I do}

{Entertainment} **twinkle twinkle little star**





{Me & My Johnny}

To be continued:  Aimee & Brandon July 9, 2011 wedding number two to follow………


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4 Responses to Two Weddings, Three Receptions, One Summer

  1. Aim'ee Dawn says:

    This is beautiful Momma <3

  2. Jo Ann Johns says:

    Your family is absolutely gorgeous!!! Thank you for sharing…

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