My Pizza Addiction

The first step……admitting you have a addiction, even though I have a new addiction each & every week,  I ain’t gonna lie!  I live for pizza & it would be my last meal on earth request! Simple yet loaded with seasoning & herbs is a party in my mouth!  Lately I can’t keep up with the crazy basil plants….I pinch them back almost every day making some type of dish with fresh organic basil in it, and it just seems to never get old.

My pizza addiction started when I started confiscating menus from pizza parlors & restaurants, I’m pretty sure I asked if I could take them.  When I had first been introduced to Asian fusion and barbecue chicken pizza I knew I had discovered my new found love!  I would love to have a gourmet bistro pizza truck…… a GMC of course with a wood fire burning brick oven on a trailer……just thinking out loud.

You really don’t need a recipe to follow you just add the ingredients from the menus. Remember if you can read, you can cook anything! I am addicted to Wolfgang Pucks homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Dough recipe, although this time I’m cheating with my new favorite bakers Pepe’s Bakery from Amsterdam NY.  I stumbled upon this fresh/frozen pizza dough in the freezer section of my favorite Walmart, for $1.39 it makes my life so much easier but I do need to doctor it up to my liking! (there’s the Sandra Lee in me again, *hic hic-up*!

After the dough is thawed I spread on a cookie sheet slathered in olive oil, lightly dusted with corn meal & then I press in chunks of garlic & raw pinenuts, why have blaze’ bland when you can have incredible flavor, texture & smell.

This needs to be cut in half before you throw it on the grill,  I haven’t mastered hand tossing a huge pie, nor is my grill big enough, yet!

After the crust starts bubbling up, its almost time to flip it.  When the pizza crust is lightly browned I top with my favorite ingredients, this time I made a quick tomato sauce using sauted garlic & onion in olive oil with cracked pepper & sea salt, diced tomato, couple shakes of sugar to kill the acid, fresh oregano, basil &  simmered for 20-30 minutes on the stove top.

It’s all in the sauce…….

After all the juices have been cooked in, the thick sauce is ready to plop on the 1/2 done grilled pizza crust.

Tomato sauce & fresh mozzarella with some basil is all this pie will be needing……anchovies on the side, just because if the little fishies are cooked on top, the flavor is just a tad bit overwhelming for me!

It only takes a few minutes for the cheese to melt with the lid down.  The cheese won’t get brown & bubbly because there is not heat coming from the top of the grill, if you wish you can put it under the broiler for a minute on Lo.  Remember, this is not a imported pizza oven from Naples Italy, it’s a cheap propane three burner Char Griller from Lowe’s!

You can drizzle a little olive oil over the pizza for some added taste….also the big guy likes freshly grated whatever cheese is in the fridge on top, this time was asiago cheese.  I’m always embarrassed when we are out to eat at an Italian restaurant, the server says, tell me when to stop……I have to speak up to say WHEN! ;D

I love to dip my crust in a aged imported balsamic vinegar from Modena Italy, I learned this from our favorite pizzeria Scamotz Tomato Pies in Venice Florida, they use 27 year old balsamic that is AMAZING!

Grazie! Buon Appetito!

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